Entry #40


2015-05-11 19:44:31 by 3rabbitsproductions



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2015-05-24 13:06:09

I've (allegedly) got 3 weeks to pack up my stuff and leave home... eh, sorry I haven't been keeping up. Just noticed you've been using the Swivel thing to update your swf's, looks sweet, runs smooth!

Ever consider getting into 'things' here? http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1388594 It might be a bit much to do in a short period of time... eh, at least you've written a few decent movie reviews, the kids here could sure use them!


2015-08-10 02:26:24

After a 3 month dry spell of no internet at home, I finally watched TDS Part One. It's your best work yet, provoked an emotional response at the end. Background music was perfectly suited for all that came before, excellent use of tie-ins. I know you use the plotlines from a lot of movies, but everything seemed fresh, new and unexpected; a true adventure. Like, GG kid, you made me cry for joy after half an hour.


2015-08-25 08:38:54

I got scouted for the audio portal a few months ago, so that means I could scout you... which means any new audio recordings you upload can appear publicly, instead of just on your userpage. I don't know if your delightful mash-up song is permitted though, you may have to check up on it here, or pull it, until you know for sure... lol, I should be the one who knows, but I've got just a few weeks before I have to leave my family home of 40 years for.. somewhere else :\

Hope you're doing okay Ben, it's been 3 months since the internet's heard anything from you. I'd really like to see how you're going to finish this epic, and start the new one.


2015-09-07 22:54:36

Hm, your YT says sometime this September, the tale will be told again. It's a good thing, come what may.