2014-12-02 17:35:38 by 3rabbitsproductions


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2014-12-02 17:36:21

This is the 10th episode of the ongoing IRON LUNG AND FRIENDS TV show that I created in college and am still developing independently:)


2014-12-02 21:06:56

Wow, a 42 minute epic, can't wait to settle down and watch it! It's good to see you picking up some more fans, I guess it takes a bit of bullshitting around here to get noticed. Writing reviews, saying stuff on peoples blogs (like I'm doing now), all that stuff gets the regulars and irregulars curious about who's typing...

3rabbitsproductions responds:

I'll keep it in mind, man. Sorry to hear about your farm. It's always good getting new fans. I work hard every day on my IRON LUNG AND FRIENDS so that others will love and appreciate them the way I do. I really want to create something original that will not only stimulate people's humor and intellect, but also their imagination and their ability to look at their own life. The show really is about dealing with change because that's been the hardest thing for me to deal with in life so I think I understand how you are feeling now. Let me know what you think of the full episode. I feel like people get a lot more out of these scenes when they see them all compiled together as one singular work of awesomeness. Happy holidays, man.


2014-12-03 18:42:48

Aside from the occasional voice dropping to damn near inaudible levels (what are you, on some kinda fancy speaker rig with loud center speaker?), the United piece is sublime. A little something from each of the best modern movies, creates something much bigger and better. There's damn few writers/producers would could create such an epic, and you have, and also added plot devices (such as IL's dream-prediction of SR's death, and what really happened) which seem natural and spontaneous. Then there's Toby... fuck.

Almost sounds like I'm a mail order, writing course instructor, laying on the shit with a big shovel, just to keep you buying more lessons... it's nice to see the animations getting better and purposeful :) God speed Ben, it's been a great journey, but all good things... I'm sure the ending won't disappoint.


2014-12-08 22:43:58

O_o I was just watching the movie Jaws.... could've seen it in the theater as a kid, but it was so hyped, even I wasn't interested, till it was on cable, which we didn't get till the mid-late 80's... but yeah, a character with your name was in the flick. I doubt an IMDB search of my name would yield any results...

Tomorrow at noon, I have to meet the real estate agent with 3 cashiers checks; 1 security deposit (less than 1 mo's rent), 1 rent check for the entirety of the 6 month lease, and one check to the shill... RE agent, $625.00 >:\ The whole moving thing is giving me douche chills and a bit of dizziness. Medicating w/ sour diesel, apparently.

Just peeped your Twitter page, you put out a lot of good content this year :)


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