2014-07-01 15:13:27 by 3rabbitsproductions

Hey fans check out the new scene from UNITED ON YOUTUBE!


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2014-07-01 15:21:54

Best scene I've done in a while.


2014-07-14 23:53:04

The end of a movie, is always the hardest part... the final death toll, the final lines, wondering if it's solid enough for everyone else to accept.


2014-11-21 00:39:02

Whoa 16 fans, you're getting noticed, and without schmoozing around NG either!
Hm, over a month and no word on your Facebook about the final push, would like to hear about it!

I'm moving soon, and it's been a nightmare... leaving the farm after 40 years, helluva a time of year to start all over again, and losing a lot in the process.


2014-11-30 20:35:49

Oh shit, 2 new submissions.... better get good and toasted for this :)
I've got less than 3 weeks to get my shit off the farm, and to a moldy rental 40 miles south of here... so fucking distracting! How's tricks on your end, still at the hotel?