2014-03-02 13:17:39 by 3rabbitsproductions



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2014-03-02 14:18:23

Witness the final scene of EPISODE 9!


2014-03-07 20:39:45

Yeah, it was that last scene that threw me for a loop. The bar scene... not so much so. But that's only because I saw a certain movie a while back. Still massively entertaining.

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Thanks a lot man I appreciate that.


2014-03-26 00:58:16

Hey, can you write something in the 'About' section, on your YouTube page? Times like this, I almost wish I had an account there... the new ghetto Hollywood.


2014-03-27 07:23:14

Just noticed you write some really good reviews (what few there are)... it's a good way to get your name out there, and generate curiosity about you and your work.

How's work been? About a month from now I'll be dealing with Best Western... again. The one near NG HQ wasn't so bad. The one near me is another story. Do you run into many bad keycards? Used to have that problem at my last job at an arcade (pre-paid card also kept track of redemption points)... shitty ferrous oxide would like degrade, the ones that worked out of the box that is...


2014-04-19 13:25:42

I didn't think Unkillable had an account here
Hope you and your folks have a happy Easter Ben!

3rabbitsproductions responds:



2014-04-28 00:30:57

A few folks asked me about good story animations.... I told them I'd straighten out my favs, and I can only hope (while sober) they remember to check. Had plenty of brain farts at Pico Day... and campers on the Chat cam, no good time to play your stuff >:(