2013-05-14 01:19:34 by 3rabbitsproductions

So I wrote the pilot or first episode of IRON LUNG AND FRIENDS...which takes place after the events of WONDER SQUAD at HERO SCHOOL. I still have like 5 more episodes of WONDER SQUAD, but I'm really REALLY excited to do this episode of IRON LUNG AND FRIENDS called "HAPPY HILLS RESORT..." the main reason being that it's about the heroes working together at an actual job where they can't be superheroes (although they still dress the same haha). Since being a superhero doesn't necessarily pay the rent...they had to get real boring jobs like the rest of us. Part of the reason why I'm having them all work at a hotel is because I've worked in one for two years and if being a superhero is epic, awesome, and a job where you get laid all the time...working in a hotel is exactly the I also figured the pointless boredom would go over well with UK and his never-ending desire for action, violence, and saving the world. This is just some concept art if you want to call it that, but I wanted to show my fans!



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2013-05-14 01:22:40

The Happy Hills Resort is where Iron Lung, Unkillable, Aneeda Shot, Smart Guy, and Toby work after they graduate from HERO SCHOOL because they have to get real jobs so they can pay their rent for the cabin they live in in (FARMINGTON, MAINE). Unfortunately I have a few more episodes to go (including a x-mas special) before I get to Happy Hills...but I just wrote the script the other day (at work hahahaha!) and I wanted to share some concept art with everyone. Hope you like it, guys!


2013-05-14 03:57:08

Wow, graduation... so soon? A lot can happen in 4 or 5 episodes.... Just wondering what kind of insanity you'll write for UK and IL, at this 'straight' job of theirs!
Picture looks great, but don't forget the seedy looking, behind-the-counter view, when you go to make this!

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Well I wouldn't call it GRADUATION per you do know THE WONDER SQUAD is basically a mix between the X-men movies and Harry Potter if you recall from Harry Potter...they didn't really 'graduate.' Their graduation was killing Voldemort and being happy about it. The end of Wonder Squad will be similar but not quite as dramatic. Thanks for the comments friend - and the counter shot was a 'rough cut." Definitely going to make it as detailed as possible :)


2013-05-24 03:15:04

Boredom Empire 3, where UK and he-who-cannot-act face off, was extremely riveting! Some of the volume and the gunshots, were just too loud though :( But the action and the (placeholder) musical accompaniment, was really terrific.
Felt like a conflict scene (pre-climax), but of a type, I've never witnessed before! The diversity of the dialogue, action and camera shots, made this a special episode.