2013-03-20 07:53:29 by 3rabbitsproductions

See the thrilling conclusion of the seventh chapter of THE WONDER SQUAD SERIES.



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2013-03-20 12:10:35

this seems promising.
will the series end now? i just discovered it!

3rabbitsproductions responds:

No Sir....This was just the seventh episode. There will be about 5 more in this season and then 5 (possibly 6) seasons after that :).


2013-03-20 18:41:50

Been a great story so far, and I'm sure more's to come!

(Updated ) 3rabbitsproductions responds:

Oh yes. There's more. :). They still have to kill Kevin Bacon and a lot more. Thank you so much for watching. I'm glad you guys like this stuff. I put a lot of work into it. :)


2013-03-20 19:11:34

How many super-heroes can you find?


2013-03-20 19:13:49



2013-03-21 01:24:57

Damn, lol, you sound desperate! Only people of refined tastes can appreciate your writing and cinematic skill. In fact I just watched Beverly Hills Cop and, after watching the special features), realized we both did the same: Don't let the sound effects drive the plot, let the music. And that's something you do to great effect. Though I didn't care for the mash-up song you used lately; whole thing screams "trying too hard", when an actual remake of the 3 or 4 songs used, would've made mixing levels possible.
Eh, that's enough shop talk today :|

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Hahaha I am desperate for fame, brother. I will admit it. What can I say. I'm sick of Maine. I really appreciate your comments though. I'm learning to take constructive criticism a little better these days...the sound mash up was just something I've been wanting to animate for months so I finally did it. I do admit that I could have played with the audio a little more to make it better, but I thought Part 5 came out pretty good for what it was. I spent like 4 days on it so I didn't want to change too much.

Beverly Hills Cop is classic, man. 'Did you put banana in the tail-pipe?' LOL Saw that shit when I was like 11 which probably wasn't good lol, but it made me crack up a lot when I was younger. 3 is funny too, kind of. You possess great wisdom sir and I always appreciate you sharing it with me.


2013-03-22 21:32:41

Well, the integration of the mash-up into your animation really worked well. Not much you could do with a song as mashed-up as that one, as far as levels.

Yay, fame! No one ever wrote me, but I was noticed twice in public for the PATV shows I was in.... most of which exhibited very little wisdom, but thanks dog :3

Maybe someday, when you can consolidate your smaller videos into bigger pieces, folks'll get what you got to say. Can't see where you'd need to edit or rework things, just join the lil bits together, and resubmit. Just thinking out loud.

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Word dude. I'm submitting episodes 5-7 on YOUTUBE as a trilogy. I'm just messing with the volume on one of the episodes. I think people will get what I'm trying to say when they have the first couple seasons, but God, it's going to be a while before I get all of that done, dude. I really wish I was born into a rich family so I could just hire minions to animate this shit. I have all of it written. It's just animating it that is time consuming. The story is there though...on the tip of my brain...waiting to be created. I'm glad someone out there appreciates good art :)