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9/1/13 by 3rabbitsproductions
Updated 9/1/13



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Eh, not a big fan of Google... I guess the layout could use some tweaking, maybe list them from left to right, top to bottom... I guess you'd have to have a set amount of text-lines (descriptions) per movie, to keep them all aligned. Background and font(s) could use something a tad edgier.

Really proud of what you've done with the series; it's the epic everyone talks about doing/writing, but never does. Or if they do, they get bogged down with BS in one form or another.... it's just best to push on, relying on yourself, and not waiting for actors to drop out or never deliver the way you want :)

9/5/13 3rabbitsproductions responds:

I agree with you. I'll go back tomorrow and tweek the format of the site a little bit. I really appreciate the kind words man. I am just going for it...and that's what is keeping me going. I can't fail. My teacher even told me so. I met with her the other day (hadn't seen her in months) and she said she's never seen anything like this...or anyone try to do anything the way I'm doing this. She said I'm putting so much work into it that it literally CAN'T suck. It has to be good because the story - even though it is a tribute to some of the most influential pieces of cinema in my life - is still a story about a guy named Ben Kanobi who is just trying to forget the past and move on...which is something we all struggle with. So I hope people will relate to this. I gave my company name to a guest from San Francisco tonight at the Comfort Inn. She said she did animation stuff as well so maybe she'll check me out too hopefully. Part 3 is on it's way, sir...I just story-boarded it and recorded it the night before so now comes the three weeks of animation hell!

Is there such a plug in? Not long ago Tom and Johnny Utah I think made a Flash that does that with text, ah

Cool, wasn't too happy with the google site for some reason.....

9/5/13 3rabbitsproductions responds:

Any suggestions for Google site? I'm making my own in a few weeks at the University of Maine Farmington with a C.S. major. My old art teacher is setting it up. Can't wait! I'll hook you up with the link when it's finished dude.

Delivered as promised... how's work been?

9/2/13 3rabbitsproductions responds:

Yeah deadlines help give me a good kick in the ass during the production phase. Still wishing I had minions to animate this stuff for me so I could just write it, act it, and story-board, but maybe when I win the lottery right? It's going well. I need to find an add on for Flash or something that has voice recognition so it can pick up the different mouth movements because that's what takes the longest - that and the backgrounds, but it's going well. My old art teacher from the University in Farmington, ME is going to help me set up my own website through the college so I don't have to pay for it - bless her. So I'll have my own site, which will be awesome and help expand my audience.