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7/3/13 by 3rabbitsproductions



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I sent your YT channel link to a buddy of mine, as were both heavy on cinema.

Sounds like a very solid mindset with regard to production, not that I had any doubts. Outside the 7 major plot points, the other thing is pacing - for every good thing that happens, there has to be a bad thing... just to keep you interested, keep a heartbeat rhythm/song. And variations like -+-++-+---+-- might represent the mid-plot point reversion/conflict (the three negative things to make the core conflict that much scarier).

Looking forward to more episodes :)

7/18/13 3rabbitsproductions responds:

Thanks so much for sharing my channel and for the advice :) Writing is the most important part of any project like this and writing is the only thing in school that I was ever really really good I go through each script meticulously and am always looking for ways to improve the story and I also attempt to create a nice 'beat' for the show in terms of humor vs tragedy. I really want IRON LUNG AND FRIENDS to be a dark comedy because I think those are the most difficult stories to write and I like a challenge :) Thanks again for watching, man. It means a lot to me!



I've since watched all the episodes, as you released them. Are you familiar with how movie scripts are formatted, the 7 major plot points, stuff like that? It all looks like it was made to be an epic, over 2-3 hours long. Just asking about your experience... I took a screenwriting course a year or two before the Twin Towers (that were 2 blocks away) disappeared in lower Manhattan, but that was after my drawn out VHS, 2hr non-epic had been odiously completed.

7/18/13 3rabbitsproductions responds:

Yeah each script has a specific formula...something happens...but then something else happens, therefore something else has to happen. Any time I can replace 'ands' with 'but's' or 'therefore's' it makes for way better writing... at least according to Trey Parker (South Park) :) Thanks for taking the time to view all the episodes...GOODGUYS is on it's way! Just have like 10 more shots. Thanks man.

What I'd like to see in Boredom Empire 6, is a continuation of the Foster The People song... I'd love to see how this crew walks through over hills and through the woods. That song would be a perfect montage of absurd actions, sans character dialog.... shit, make it a music video, post it and get sum mo' ad-rev money :)

7/5/13 3rabbitsproductions responds:

I already did that that in Saved by the Text Part 6 at the end when they're at school and it's the first week of classes. I think this is actually the last time I'll use that song. But thanks for the suggestion :)

Other than fellow producers, I didn't have any friends in commercial TV, was mostly us fucking around for fun for free, like how Newgrounds got started, only in video for cable TV... and even that was over a decade ago. I did mostly private and.or corporate stuff, largely for in-house or work-for-hire stuff.

Ah, you can't even get close without a communications or TV media degree. You've gotta pitch it at like a Sundance or pilot TV episode convention, like the ones they had In Las Vegas.. they may still do that. Either way, learn to write and format your scripts for consideration... whoever buys your work, will want to pre-screen the action/dialog before production (paying you to work) starts.

Really good and smooth episode, hope the score is epic as well. Sounds like they might stop by the box trailer, where I keep a couple hundred VHS tapes... friend of mine had a video rental place that went tits up :\ Everything bad that could happen to him, did, and he had to leave the State... least he's happier now

7/3/13 3rabbitsproductions responds:

Thanks dude. Yeah I kind of want to show the progression of video technology just as a minor aspect to the story...The first movie that UK and Dumbledouche found was a VHS (FOOTGOOSE lol)...the next will be a DVD and the last one is a Bluray. The funny part is that UK tries to destroy it and he can't even after shooting it...I can't wait to animate it lol. Thanks for watching as always man and any info/comments regarding my work to your friends in the TV biz would be much appreciated! I want to be on TV by 2015. That's my goal. That way it will be the best year ever cause I'll have my own show and the new Star Wars is coming out haha.

Iron Lung and Friends embark on their quest to destroy the evil movies that Kevin Bacon (HE WHO CANNOT ACT) hid pieces of his soul in.