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2013-03-06 23:49:04 by 3rabbitsproductions

In this seventh chapter of the WONDER SQUAD SERIES...Jordan Leavittson (Unkillable) learns the identity of the HALF COOL GUY who is responsible for the infamous SCROTUM SCEPTRA curse. UK must convince Professor Mole to tell him the secret to killing KEVIN BACON (HE WHO CANNOT ACT) and work with Professor Dumbledouche to find and destroy the first piece of HE WHO CANNOT ACT's soul, but there is darkness on the horizon...and rats and events beneath the surface that even the wise and all knowing IRON LUNG can't foresee...



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2013-03-07 18:54:22

The Half Cool Guy is a fairly compelling story... you got the next episode (part 3) in the can?
Actually, I wanted to ask you about your limited file sizes and lack of text (indicating the end and/or beginning of an episode). I'm all about the story, but it might throw viewers off as it comes through the portal...

(Updated ) 3rabbitsproductions responds:

I only put text with my introductions and end credits...if you are interested in watching full episodes they are on youtube. Part 3 is being made as we speak literally. Thanks for the comments:) I'm using a special version of flash and if I try to do anything over 7-8 minutes it usually will crash, but the more videos the more hits so that's the way I'm looking at it :)


2013-03-07 23:12:39

I guess I knew what your answer was before I wrote the question, but if anyone else should get curious \/ BAM, there's the answer!
Forgot you had these on youtube. I usually go there to watch let's plays of games I can't play/afford.

3rabbitsproductions responds:

Agreed. The internet is the greatest thing ever because it gives all the artists out there (cough: me) the ability to make art or games or animation for free.


2013-03-09 00:22:58

Sure, distribution is free and in-house advertising is granted to those with very high scores, but what are you doing to offset the production costs (electric, sammiches)? Do you have ad-rev enabled (sorry if I asked this before and forgot, like the old set of balls that I am)?

3rabbitsproductions responds:

I work at a hotel on the side. I am just starting my company so funds are limited. In terms of advertising...I really don't have any. I'm trying to create some clay figures to sell. Wouldn't you love an IRON LUNG figurine for Christmas this year? Or an Unkillable? Because it's possible. Truthfully I really rely on Facebook and Youtube. I figure if anyone sees my stuff it will be either through this site or those. It's my goal to get this done first and then I'm going to worry about advertising, but feel free to point me in any direction that you think would be helpful. Thanks.